To Negotiate Salary

To negotiate salary.

When you fail to negotiate your salary, you risk coming across to leadership as a poor advocate.

If you can’t advocate for yourself…then how can you advocate for your company? Everyone wants to start their new role strong. One of the best ways to do that is with self-advocacy.

Negotiating your job salary is one of the first opportunities that you have to communicate with your leadership directly. To negotiate your salary is an opportunity to show leadership that you’re eager to bring increased value to the organization. Negotiating your salary is the opportunity to come across as an excellent communicator. It’s one of the first opportunities you’ll have, to show that you can communicate in a way that influences others to champion you!

Many people fail to realize how valuable it is to have sponsorship when you start a new role. When you have somebody that believes in you and your performance, it sets you up to on board and to your new role successfully with confidence. Onboarding to a new job is often challenging. You’re trying to juggle new skills and build new relationship and report amongst your team and organization. Having colleagues that believe in you and what you can bring to the table helps you build rapport.

It is a valuable skill to have to be able to communicate in a way that persuades people in your favor. showing that you can advocate and for yourself in a way that highlights your value communicates to your new employer that you can also advocate on behalf of the company. all organizations value and need these type of individuals. to negotiate your salary successfully allows for you to start with leadership rooting for you within your new role. starting off your new role with leaderships stamp of approval and sponsorship is a huge indicator that your first 30 60 and 90 days will be a hit! Starting off your new role with leadership behind you enables a snowball effect of success.

How to Stand Out

Do you want to successfully stand out?  Or do you want to look like everybody else? To not negotiate your salary can put you at risk of looking average instead of successfully standing out amongst others. It’s one of the first opportunities you have to ensure your own confidence and success. To not negotiate your salary means that you’re putting yourself at risk of selling yourself short! When you negotiate your salary, and it’s actually increased many would tell you that it’s an amazing feeling. To not negotiate your salary means that you’re automatically missing out on that shot.

You did the research & interview prep. It was you who prepared the winning resume. You were intentional about your career and education journey. It was you who was strategic and effective in your communications. You did the hard work; you were able to recognize the opportunity, & achieved the job offer of your dreams. You miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take! So why would you’re your compensation for all that you do, and all that you are getting ready to bring to the table?

Find out how to negotiate your salary.

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