The Standard Package $99.99

The Salary Negotiation Template:

This document contains content that guides you through optimizing your counteroffer by focusing on your value & enthusiasm to succeed in your new role. All you have to do after you download the template is fill in the blanks & edit the content to speak as needed to your employer.

The Plus Package $159.99

The Counteroffer Formula:

Used to calculate your counter-offer amount. Learn how to calculate the realistic dollar amount you should be asking for. This content guides you through calculating how much to ask for when countering, & gives you the knowledge needed to know what dollar amount to realistically expect back

Offer Letter Blurbs:

Include one of these simple blurbs within your message in addition to sending your counteroffer response. Once you receive your offer & move forward with your counter, you want to use one of these blurbs to open the message about your negotiation before you copy & paste the counteroffer template into your mail.

A Second Template to Leverage:

Another template that you can pull from and/or edit as needed to ensure you maximize the most out of your job offer.

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