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Sample Salary Negotiation Letter

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Sample Salary Negotiation Letter

When you are offered a job and aren`t completely satisfied with the offer that was given to you, don`t accept it right away. The way to get you the offer you want is to simply make a counter offer. You can do your counter offer by requesting for a meeting or by writing a salary negotiation letter. Whichever way you choose to do is fine as long as you are comfortable with it. If you choose to do a letter, you can look at a sample salary negotiation letter or the guidelines below.

If you have a look at a sample salary negotiation letter, the first paragraph should indicate that you are very interested in the position that was offered to you and that you are sure that your experiences will be beneficial to the company. Try to make this section short without making too much of a story. Just make an introduction and say what is needed to be said.

The second paragraph on a sample salary negotiation letter should state the first topic you want to negotiate about. In this part, indicate the original offer given to you followed by your counter proposal. Be sure that whatever you are requesting for is supported by information that will justify your request. For instance if you are asking for this certain amount it is because of your past accomplishments along with the experience you have so far or it can also be that it is comparable to the industry pay rate unlike what they originally offered. Make sure to write all these down as the salary that will be given to you is based on what you deserve.

The third paragraph of a sample salary negotiation letter is pretty much the same as the second paragraph. Each paragraph after the second can indicate other topics that are up for negotiation. Follow the same format as the prior paragraph. Although it is really up to you how many topics you want to negotiate, it is best that you keep it to a minimum and to those that are absolutely necessary. You don`t want the potential employer to think you are too demanding and to cancel the negotiation because of your demands.

Once you are done with the topics you want to negotiate on, the last part of a sample salary negotiation letter is the closing paragraph. This part should state how you are looking forward to accepting the position offered to you based on the requests you are asking for. Say that you expect that you can come to an agreement with these and also request for a meeting so you can properly discuss the matters pertaining to this request.

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