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Salary Negotiation Tips

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Salary Negotiation Tips

When it comes to negotiating your salary, certainly you have a lot of questions that need answers. You might be asking when the best time for you to start a salary negotiation is, what can be negotiated as well as what you should say and do during a salary negotiation. By learning a few salary negotiation tips, you will be able to handle the negotiation properly and successfully. Not only that, you will get your salary request in no time!

The first of the salary negotiation tips you should know is the answer to when you should negotiate. The most common mistake made of candidates is discussing salary in the first interview. This is a huge mistake that shouldn`t be committed. Never discuss the salary unless the interviewer asks you to state what salary you are expecting to receive. The right time for you to negotiate salary is when the employer has already given you an offer to the job. This is when you know that they want you for the position and that you are able to discuss more options with them.

With salary negotiation, there are times when you shouldn`t discuss salary yet there are times when it is also too late to discuss it. One of the salary negotiation tips that some should remember is that once you have accepted the job offer, you can`t negotiate your salary anymore. Never accept a job offer on the spot, let them know that you will think about it and get back to them in a day or two. Employers are already used to candidates asking for time so don`t feel pressured to accept the job offer instantly. Take your time and think about if you are satisfied and contented with what was offered to you.

Another one of the salary negotiation tips you should be interested in knowing is what can be negotiated after an offer. You can negotiate pretty much anything but be sure that what you negotiate on is reasonable and important to the job. So before you negotiate, do some research and know what the industry average is in terms of the salary for your occupation and experience. Although you can negotiate pretty much anything, there are also some things that you shouldn`t mention. Stay away from anything that is strict company policy and only negotiate what you feel is absolutely necessary. Being overly demanding might cost you the job they initially offered.

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