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Salary Negotiation Letter

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Salary Negotiation Letter

If you have been offered a job and want to counter the offer, the proper way to do it is by writing a salary negotiation letter. Of course, you can choose to also do the negotiation verbally. It is really up to you on what you are most comfortable with. If you choose to compose a letter, before writing it, remember that you should only negotiate areas that are important to accepting your job. You don`t want to come off as too demanding or high maintenance as they might decide to get back their previous offer completely. There is no perfect formula in composing a salary negotiation letter but, here are some guidelines that can help.

When you start off the salary negotiation letter, your first paragraph should indicate that you are interested in the position and that you are positive that your experience will be beneficial to the company. Say that you hope to accomplish a lot in the company as well as work productively with others. Don`t make too much of a story, keep it brief but with meaning.

After the first paragraph on you salary negation letter, move on to the second paragraph where you start the first part of your negotiation. Mention the offer that they originally gave you then state your counter proposal. When doing your counter proposal, you should be able to have detailed information that will support or justify the request you are making. For instance previous experiences in other jobs such as how you increased productivity or sales or it could even be just information on the industry average salary. Whatever it is, make sure you have supporting information for your counter proposal as well as how your contribution to the company will justify it.

After the second paragraph, if you have other issues to negotiate then you can indicate it in the third and succeeding paragraphs. Each paragraph will deal with another negotiation topic and should follow with the same format as the second paragraph wherein the counter proposal is supported. Keep in mind that you should only negotiate on key factors that are important to the job in your salary negotiation letter as you don`t want the employers to think you are too demanding.

After you have stated all the negotiations, make a closing paragraph to your salary negotiation letter wherein you mention again that you are looking forward to accepting the job by keeping in mind your negotiation items. Your last sentence should request for a meeting where you can discuss the letter.

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