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Salary Letter

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Salary Letter

Have you been dwelling on asking for a raise but don`t know how? It is understandable as you have probably been working tireless hours just to get your job done. If that is the case, don`t be ashamed to ask for a raise, just go for it. To your surprise you might actually even get it. A way for you to ask for that pay raise you are after is by composing a salary letter. Follow these guidelines to getting that salary you have been dreaming of.

Before starting on anything, first look into the pay raise policies of your company, if they usually only offer pay raises during annual reviews, then you are probably better off not even trying. But if they grant pay raises any time of the year, then you can go for it. Read your employee handbook and check if there are any required formats when asking for a pay raise. It might contain a process where pay raises are granted so that you can follow it exactly. If not then that is when you move on to composing the salary letter.

Don`t compose your salary letter until you have done some research. Research on the industry average for the salary for you position, experience and location so you know the range of what you should be asking for. Also gather all the information for all the accomplishments you have done for the company so that you can show that you have been an asset to them. Make sure that you present everything in detail with specifics so that they can see all the numbers you have brought in.

Once you have all the information you need, you can start off your salary letter. In the first paragraph, include how you have enjoyed your experience so far in the company and hope to have many more years ahead of you. Sound positive and show that you are still interested in your job. In the second paragraph, that is when you start mentioning how you feel that it is timely that you get a raise and justify why you deserve one. Here you include all the achievements you have brought into the company in bullet point form.

The third paragraph of your salary letter should indicate the amount of increase that you are requesting for. Here re-state again that you deserve it and include the industry average salary for your position for comparison. In the closing paragraph, say thank you and request for a meeting to be set so you can further discuss this matter.

An excellent guide that can help you to getting that pay raise is Success Pattern`s The Ultimate Guide to Salary Increase. This guide has just about everything you would ever need to preparing for and successfully asking for that pay raise at work. It also provides strategies and full explanations that you can tell your boss, along with comebacks to any excuses. If you are in need of extra cash, then asking for a raise is a great solution. Make a smart decision and get your copy now!

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