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Salary Increment Letter

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Salary Increment Letter

When you are making the decision to ask your boss for a salary increase, you can choose to do it either verbally or by writing it. There is no better way as it really depends on what is most comfortable to you whether to speak to your boss or to send a letter. If you decide to compose a salary increment letter then there are some guidelines you must follow which the same goes if you were going to do it verbally.

Before starting the letter though, there are a few things that you should follow. If your company has an employee handbook with the policies, check to see if it has any information about asking for a pay raise. If it has any information on how to go about it, then follow what it says. Also if it says that the company doesn`t grant out-of-cycle pay raise, then it is probably better for you to forget about asking for a raise until your yearly review comes up. Stick to your company`s system so that you will have a better chance of getting the raise you are after. Now if there are no policies on pay raises at all, then you can go ahead and set a meeting with your boss or compose a salary increment letter.

When writing you salary increment letter, the first paragraph should contain how you enjoy working for the company and how your experience so far has been a great one over the how many years you have been working there. Also mention how you have been a benefit to the company so far. List down all your accomplishments in the last six months in bulleted format so your boss can see all the work you have achieved so far.

The second paragraph of your salary increment letter is where you are going to start negotiating for an increase. Indicate how your current salary has been the same for however many years and that based on your accomplishments you believe the time has come for you to ask for a salary increase. Then state the percentage of your salary request, for instance you want a pay raise of 10%, followed by another performance based increase by 4% after several months.

On the closing paragraph of your salary increment letter, you say why you believe you deserve the pay raise you are asking for and justify it. Also indicate that you are willing to negotiate and would like to set a meeting to discuss this matter. After this, say thank you for the experience so far and mention that you look forward to be a key player in the company.

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