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Salary Increases

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Salary Increases

Most of us expect salary increases yearly, but some of us are left with no yearly increase at all. If you are one of those who don`t get an annual pay raise, then it is time that you take matters into your own hands and ask for that increase. Don`t be ashamed as getting an increase is your right. Imagine all that extra money you could be getting with a pay raise? Well if you want that extra money then you have to get the courage to ask for that raise. You can simply do it by keeping in mind a few tips that can help.

Since salary increases aren`t something that your company is offering, then ask for a salary increase yourself. Do some research on the market pay rate that is being offered in the industry for your position, experience and location. This way you will know where you stand in terms of your salary. If your current salary is not at the same level as the market pay rate or is much less, then you have a great chance to negotiate for a pay raise.

You can decide to negotiate for your pay raise verbally by requesting for a meeting with your boss, or through writing a letter. There is no better way to do it, it is just about what is the most comfortable for you to do. Pick one and work on it. Read your employee handbook though because if there are guidelines or a certain process on how you should go about salary increases then follow their process exactly.

Most importantly when discussing salary increases, you should be prepared. Gather all the achievements and successes you have done for the company. Organize it into a presentation with specific details on the figures and the improvement you have done. For instance specify the exact revenue you have achieved for the company, etc. This is your time to shine. Sell yourself with all your accomplishments so that you can show them how valuable you are to the company. All the work you have done and will continue to do justify the pay raise you are requesting for.

Salary increases are usually decided upon during negotiation. So don`t expect to get the request you ask for right away. Your boss will talk to you and meet you in the middle of your request so perhaps it is best you put a buffer to the original salary you are asking for. Negotiation is a win-win situation so both you and your boss should be satisfied with the outcome.

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