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Salary Increase Letters

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Salary Increase Letters

If you are planning to ask for a pay raise at work, there are two ways you can choose to do it. You can either do it in writing through a letter, or do it verbally by requesting for a meeting. If you want to do it through writing, then you must learn the proper format on how to write salary increase letters. It is quite simple enough, you just need to be prepared with all the details so that you will have a complete letter that can successfully get you that pay raise you are after.

The first paragraph of salary increase letters usually indicate your gratitude for being in the company and the great experience you have had so far. Then you continue on to saying how you have been working for the company for so and so years and have accomplished quite a lot during your stay. After that, you include all the information you have of all your major accomplishments in bullet form. This way your boss can be reminded of what you have done for the company so far as well as see you as an asset for all that you have achieved.

The second paragraph of salary increase letters contain your case on why you want to ask for a salary increase. Say that you have been given the same salary for a long period of time and you feel that it is about time you get an increase for all the hard work you have put in as you deserve. Mention again that your accomplishments support this request you are asking and that you have a lot of plans planned for the future in making the company more of a success. After this, politely ask for a pay raise and be specific on the amount you are asking for.

After the second paragraph, salary increase letters usually contain a closing paragraph. This will indicate how you believe you deserve that pay raise and you will continue to earn it with all the accomplishments you will achieve. As asking for a salary increase is a negotiation, say that you are willing to negotiate and that you would like to request for a meeting to discuss the matter. Don`t forget to say thank you for the opportunity that has been given to you over the years. Maintaining good relations with your boss is important even after the negotiation.

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