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Proposal Salary

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Proposal Salary

After looking and applying for a job, when you are being offered one you will be given a proposal salary. When the job salary offer has been given to you don`t accept it right away. Remember the reason why you are probably looking for a new job is because you want a better job with better pay. To achieve what you are hoping for, there are several guidelines you can follow to getting the salary you desire. Simply follow these tips and you will be able to negotiate a better deal then what you are being offered.

Once the proposal salary is handed to you and it doesn`t seem to be what you were expecting, don`t make any violent reactions. Make sure that you are calm and composed and let the employer know that you are very interested in the position. Show that you have a positive attitude and ask for some time to think about the offer that was given to you. It is your right to take some time to think it over so don`t let anyone force you into accepting an offer right away.

When you are finally thinking the proposal salary through, gather your thoughts and start thinking about a counter offer. You can choose to do the counter offer verbally by requesting for a meeting or you can also do it through writing a letter. It is really up to you on what way you are most comfortable doing. Once you`ve decided how you are going to go about your counter offer, decide on what you want to ask for.

Your counter offer to the proposal salary should indicate the salary that you are requesting. Make sure that it is in the same range as industry average for your position, experience and location. When requesting for a higher amount, you need to justify why they should give you this salary. State previous accomplishments and future goals to support the salary you are asking for.

When countering the offer of your proposal salary, it becomes a negotiation. Negotiating is a process where both parties come out as winners. So when you make a request, don`t expect to get that same amount right away. Your employer will probably meet you in between to keep you satisfied. The trick is to ask for a higher salary then what you are expecting so that when the negotiation starts, you still end up with an amount you are hoping for.

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