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Negotiation Skill

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Negotiation Skill

It may seem that negotiation is simple but really there are skills that you should have to be able to have a successful negotiation. Negotiating isn`t about just getting what you want. The goal of negotiation is to make everyone win as that is how problems are resolved. In order to make negotiating a win-win situation, you must have negotiation skills to be able to make it happen. The key to making everyone win is by the use of three important skills which are speaking, listening, and understanding.

If you want to have a negotiation skill, you must be able to speak clearly with a brief explanation of what you are negotiating on. This must be communicated properly with no aggression. Remember when negotiating it isn`t always just about what you want, you also have to consider what the other party is saying and try to come together to a compromise. The negotiation process becomes effective when both parties are able to think about what they have to say and to speak their minds.

Another negotiation skill is listening. Listening attentively to the other person shows that you are respecting what they have to say and encouraging them to say what they think and feel. Part of listening is to give feedback on what you hear and maintaining eye contact, which shows the other person that you are interested in understanding what is being said. Listening is able to support on-going negotiation making it successful. Poor listening may lead to misunderstandings and arguments which doesn`t solve anything.

Understanding is a negotiation skill that is also important in the process. Before a solution or agreement can be agreed upon, a common understanding of the situation must be reached. If both parties don`t understand each other, then the negotiation will become unsuccessful as no agreement can be reached upon. Before coming to a solution, both sides must understand each others concerns first.

To have a successful negotiation, you must follow some guidelines. First, show respect during the process, then work together to recognize and define the problem. Once the problem is defined, brainstorm and seek several solutions. After stating possible solutions, collaborate to find the best solution that will please both parties. Also, it is important to be reliable so that you can maintain good ties with each other. Make sure that you end the negotiation with both sides being the winner as that is the only way a negotiation is a success.

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