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Negotiating Your Salary

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Negotiating Your Salary

If you think about it we look for new jobs because we are probably sick of our current jobs or just feel that we aren`t getting paid enough. This is why when you search for jobs, make sure that you are getting into something that you enjoy doing so that you will have fun at work and be more productive. Aside from that, do your best to get the salary offer you are after. Obviously you won`t get the offer you want right away, this is why negotiating your salary should be done. Remember though that when you are offered a job, don`t accept it right away. Once you do you can`t negotiate for anything anymore as you have accepted their offer.

When negotiating your salary you can do it in two ways, either by writing them a letter or by requesting for a meeting. There is no better way to do it as it really depends on what is most comfortable for you. Once you are offered the job, show that you are interested in it and communicate to them positively. Ask for some time to consider the offer so you can look through it and think about your counter offer. There is nothing wrong for asking for some time as it is expected from most candidates. It is your right to take time to go over the offer as it isn`t something you should be accepting on the spot.

If you are decided on negotiating your salary, think about the amount you feel that you deserve. Best to look into the market pay rate for the same position, experience and location. This way you know if the salary you are requesting for is in the same range as the market pay rate. Now if the salary being offered to you is even higher then the market pay rate, it will be more difficult to negotiate for a higher salary. But if it is lower, you can use this data as part of your bargaining tool to getting the salary you are after.

You must be ready to support your request when negotiating your salary. There must be justification on why you are asking that certain amount and why you deserve it. This is when you present your past accomplishments along with your future plans for the company to earn the salary you are asking for. Keep in mind that negotiations are a win-win situation so don`t expect to get the amount you asked for instantly. Your potential employer will probably meet you in between so best to put a buffer to the amount you are hoping for.

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