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Negotiating Salary Offer

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Negotiating Salary Offer

It is actually quite normal to give a counter offer to a job offer that was given to you. Don`t think that there is anything wrong with giving what you want. A job is a job and you should always get paid what you think you deserve for all the work you put it. It is better to go for a counter offer then be stuck with a job that you aren`t happy with because of the low pay you are getting. Negotiating salary offer is something you can do if you aren`t satisfied with the job offer given to you. Keep in mind though that once you accept the offer, there is no more negotiations allowed. So don`t ever accept a job offer until you are really sure that you are contented with it.

When negotiating salary offer, you have to express to your potential employers that you are interested in the job and are excited to get started. But you need to politely let them know that you need some time to go over the job offer they gave. Take this time to go through what was given and decide for yourself if you are satisfied with it or if you want to go do a counter offer. When doing a counter offer you can either write a letter or request for a meeting to take place. It is up to you to choose what option you are most comfortable using, or you can even choose to do a combination of both.

Before negotiating salary offer, you should do some research. Have a look at market average pay rates for your position, experience, and location. You need to know if you are being offered something in the same range and you also need to know what is the most reasonable amount for you to ask for. However, if what is being offered to you is already above the market average, then your chances of getting a higher salary is probably quite slim. But if the offer is below the average, then you have a good chance of requesting for a much higher salary showing this data as proof.

Negotiating salary offer also means that you have to be prepared to justify what you are requesting for. You have to show the employers why you deserve to be paid that amount by presenting previous experiences and accomplishments as well as stating your future plans for the company. You need to show them that you are a valuable candidate and will be an asset to the company.

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