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Negotiating Pay

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Negotiating Pay

Don`t ever be embarrassed to negotiate your pay. Remember before accepting any job offer you should look it over and think about if it is what you want and if it is worth it. Work is work but we all work hard to make a living so we deserve to be compensated well for what we do. Negotiating pay is something that needs to be done so that we can be satisfied and happy with what we are getting as well as be more productive in our jobs. So when accepting a job offer or asking for a salary increase, just go for it as it is your right.

If you are thinking of negotiating pay either when you are accepting an offer or if you just want to increase your salary, there are two ways for you to go about it. You can write a letter with your request or set a meeting to discuss your concerns. These two ways are both commonly used. There is no one correct way of negotiating pay, it is really up to you to choose an option that you are most comfortable with. What is important is that you are confident in the way that you choose.

There are some people who prefer to request for meetings as a way to negotiating pay. Some feel it is more effective to do meetings as you are able to communicate through two-way communication allowing you to say your side by presenting everything you have as well as answering any questions that they may have on the spot. This is good as you are able to defend yourself and really come prepared. However it can also be nerve-wracking to have to negotiate your salary face to face with your employer.

Others on the other hand prefer to do letters as a way to negotiate pay. This is usually the case if you are uncomfortable with negotiating pay verbally. The only thing though with writing a letter is that is a one-way communication where-in you it is easier for your boss to say no. The good thing about writing letters though is that you have the time to write and organize your thoughts and accomplishments clearly, which may not be the same when you do it verbally as your nerves might kick in.

Overall, since writing a letter and requesting for a meeting both have their good points, perhaps the solution is to do a combination of both when negotiating for salary. You can start off with a letter and request for a meeting after so that you are able to state your request clearly.

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