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Negotiating Job Offer

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Negotiating Job Offer

Negotiating job offer is a normal thing to do after you have been offered a job. All of us are after good paying jobs so it is normal to ask for a salary you believe you deserve. Work isn`t exactly easy so we have to do our best in being compensated enough for all the efforts that we put into our jobs. This is why when you are offered a job don`t accept it right away, as once you accept you can`t negotiate anymore. When negotiating job offer, here are a list of things you can follow to help you in achieving a successful negotiation.

As soon as you get the offer, whether or not you are pleased with it, express to your potential employer your interest in accepting the job. Communicate positively and politely ask for some time to consider the offer that they gave. This will allow you to think about what was offered and decide on whether or not you will counter their offer. If you decide to negotiating job offer, it can be done either by writing a letter, or you can do it verbally by requesting for a meeting. You may choose to do it whichever way you like as long as you are comfortable.

When negotiating job offer, you first have to do some research on the industry average for the salary for your position, experience and location. This way you know if the salary they offered is in line with the market average and you also know your boundaries on what salary to ask for. Remember that you need to justify the salary you are requesting for and show them why you deserve to get paid that amount. If what they offered to you is more than industry average then you are less likely going to get the salary you are hoping to get.

The trick to negotiating job offer is that you should also be prepared. Put together your accomplishments from past job experiences to show that you are a valuable employee. It is best to be specific and to put all these in detail so that your potential employers can see what you are capable of. Also indicate your future plans for the company and what you are hoping to achieve. All these can be used to justify the salary you are asking for. You really need to sell yourself so no time for being modest.

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