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Negotiating A Salary

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Negotiating a Salary

Negotiating a salary is part of accepting a job. The reason why we look for a new job is so that we can upgrade to a better one that offers better pay. So when you are offered a job, it is normal to negotiate for the salary that you believe you deserve. Negotiating a salary isn`t as hard as it sounds. You just need to follow a few guidelines in getting you that salary you desire. Make sure though that you don`t accept any job offer right away, because once you`ve accepted the job offer there is no more negotiating allowed.

When you get the offer, express interest in the job and communicate positively to your potential employer. Let them know that you are happy with their offer but would need some time to look if over before accepting it. Take that time to gather your thoughts and think about what you feel you deserve for the job you will be doing. Negotiating a salary can either be done through writing a letter, or verbally by requesting a meeting. It is up to you what you are most comfortable doing.

Before thinking about the salary you believe you deserve, research on the market pay rate for your position, experience and location. Whatever you ask for should be within this range and if they are offering you something below this range, you can justify that you expect your salary to be in the same range as what is being offered in the market. However, if you are planning to ask for much more then the market pay rate, then your chances of getting that salary could be quite small.

When negotiating a salary, aside from getting the market pay rate, you must also gather all your accomplishments to use as justification for the amount you are asking. Make a detailed presentation of what you have achieved in you past job experiences and what you plan to achieve for the company in the future. You have to show them that you will be an asset to the company and that you will earn the salary that you are asking for with the job you will be doing.

Also keep in mind that negotiating a salary is a negotiation so it is a win-win situation where both parties get what they want. You may not exactly get the first request you ask for, but your employer will compromise and meet you in between. The negotiation is supposed to keep you and your employer feel like you both achieved something from the negotiation with a good outcome.

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