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Job Offer Negotiation

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Job Offer Negotiation

Applying and being offered a job has a lot of processes. There are actually a lot that happens before you finally get the job. It is important that you know you have a right to counter offer any job offer that is offered to you. Of course you can only do this before you actually accept the job so once you get an offer, ask for some time to go over it and think it through. When you feel that the job offer given to you wasn`t what you were expecting, then that is when you decide to do a job offer negotiation.

When you get the job offer, show the employer that you are interested in the position and communicate to them in a positive manner. Let them know that you would like to take some time to consider the offer and that you will get back to them soon. By taking some time to think about the offer, you will be able to gather your thoughts and prepare for a counter offer. You can choose to do the counter offer verbally by requesting for a meeting or you can also choose to do it through writing. This will be the start of your job offer negotiation.

Your job offer negotiation should certainly include the amount that you are asking for. In order to request for a reasonable amount, you need to research on industry average for your position, experience and location. Whatever you request for should be in the same range as the market salary. When you state the salary that you are asking for, you have to make sure to justify why you should be getting that salary with past experiences and achievements as well as future endeavors that you plan to promote in the company.

A job offer negotiation is a negotiation so it doesn`t mean that you will end up with always getting what you want. A negotiation is a process wherein both parties come out as winners. So expect that your potential employer will counter your request with something in between. This is why when you state your request, put a buffer so you will still end up with the amount you are after. Be sure not to go overboard though as you might lose the offer completely. Work together with your employer during the job offer negotiation to come to an agreement to what salary amount you are willing to accept. Your employer should be just as contented and satisfied as you are with the outcome.

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