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How To Negotiate A Raise

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How to Negotiate a Raise

What many tend to forget is that negotiating isn`t just about getting what you want. Negotiation is a process where both sides end up as winners so in a negotiation you get what you want, but you also give into the wants of the other person. When it comes to negotiating a pay raise, it works the same way. However don`t expect to get exactly what you asked for, you have to come to a compromise with your boss and you also have to show what you are going to achieve to earn that raise. You can easily learn how to negotiate a raise properly with just following some guidelines.

How to negotiate a raise can be done by requesting for a meeting or writing a letter. Any option is ok as long as you are comfortable with it. Before thinking about how to negotiate a raise, you first have to determine if you are worthy of a raise. You have to assess your performance in the company and the accomplishments you have achieved. If you have been performing above what is expected of you, then that is a good thing so you can use it as a bargaining tool for your raise. However, if you haven`t been performing up to what is expected, then forget about asking for a raise as you might not be eligible for one.

If you have decided that you deserve to get a raise, know how to negotiate a raise by doing some research. Have a look into the market pay rate for your position along with the same experience and location. By knowing this you can gauge the range of the salary you should be asking for. You can use this data as a bargaining tool to get that increase you desire. However, if your current salary is already higher than what is being offered in the market, then you have a less likely chance of getting that pay raise.

Another important thing in knowing how to negotiate a raise is that you should be prepared. You can`t expect to get a pay raise just like that. You have to prove to your boss that there is basis to your pay raise by justifying it with the accomplishments you have done for the company. So be prepared and make a documentation of all your achievements to show your boss how valuable you are. Also indicate all your future plans to continue the company`s success. If you don`t have any accomplishments, think twice about asking for a raise. Perhaps work on gaining achievements first before negotiating for an increase.

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