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How To Ask Your Boss For A Raise

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How to Ask your Boss for a Raise

Many of you are probably shaking of the thought of asking for a raise, but really it is much simpler than you think. Of course you have to get over your fears and get the courage to do it first. Just think that you are never going to get that raise unless you do something about it. There is nothing wrong with asking as a raise can help you a lot. Imagine the amount of extra money you can receive in a year? Surely you don`t want to pass that up. So once you have decided that you are going to ask for a raise, you need to know how to ask your boss for a raise.

How to ask your boss for a raise isn`t as difficult as you think. Keep in mind though that you have to do this by maintaining good relations with your boss. You don`t want to get in the bad side of anyone. Communicate positively and express your desire for a raise properly. Continue to show your boss that you enjoy your job and that you are productive. This way when you do ask for a raise, your boss will know that the only thing that will keep you away from the job is your compensation.

When learning how to ask your boss for a raise, you should do some research. Look into the market pay rates for your position. The rate should also reflect the same experience you have and location that you are in. This way you will know the range that you can go for when asking for a raise. When deciding on an amount, be reasonable as asking for too much may eliminate your chance of getting a raise completely. If by any chance your current salary is already over the market average, then you will have less of chance to getting that pay raise you are after.

Figuring out how to ask your boss for a raise involves being prepared. Definitely you should ask for a raise that is reasonable depending on what you deserve. Document all your accomplishments so you can justify to your boss why you are worthy of a raise. Be sure to include specific details of figures such as the exact revenue you have brought into the company. Other than your past achievements, also explain what your plans are for the future and how you are going to earn that raise they will be giving.

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