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How To Ask For A Raise

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How to Ask for a Raise

Surely not everyone knows how to ask for a raise the right way. We all have gone through those moments where working hard is just paying for the bills but we don`t really get to enjoy anymore. After working so hard definitely we all want to go on a grand vacation. Why work tirelessly when you can`t even enjoy what you`ve worked so hard for right? Are you dreaming of those grand vacations that you can`t really afford but want to go on? Make all you dreams a reality with just some extra cash. How are you going to get extra cash you might ask? That`s simple, you just need to get a raise. Though, to get that you must learn how to ask for a raise.

Number one rule in how to ask for a raise is to be confident. You should be sure of yourself and know what you want to get what you want. You`re obviously not going to get a raise if you are stuttering while asking for one. Calm your nerves and practice the situation. Expect all the excuses possible and make sure you have a rebuttal. Showing your boss and the HR team that you know what you are talking about will keep them thinking. When they realize they can`t get away with any excuse you will get the raise that you were asking for.

Aside from confidence, another rule in how to ask for a raise is to be prepared. You should be able to have all the evidence and all the proof to show your bosses that you deserve this raise. Have a complete file with printouts to show all the great work you have done. The more organized the better so it will leave them absolutely speechless. What more can they say when you have proven that you clearly deserve a raise right? Don`t underestimate yourself. If you come prepared and confident, you can definitely ask for anything you want.

Lastly, you need to be assertive. There`s a thin line between assertiveness and aggressiveness so make sure you stick to the former. You don`t want to be getting in anyone`s bad side but you need to show that you mean business. If you believe that you deserve a raise, you must make them believe it too. Remember, you just want to make your dreams come true and by doing that you need to step up.

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