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How To Ask For A Pay Rise

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How to Ask for a Pay Rise

You have probably been due for a pay raise a long time ago but don`t know how to go about asking for one. It might not be something you are comfortable with but there are times when you just have to go and make it happen. Better to take your chance in asking for a pay raise rather than waiting forever for a pay raise that seems to not be coming. Perhaps there isn`t really a right way to ask for a pay raise as it works differently on different employers, but there sure are some guidelines that will help you get that pay raise you have been dreaming of. If you want to know how to ask for a pay rise, follow this guide.

First thing is you have to make a decision and assess yourself if you are worthy of a salary increase. How to ask for a pay rise also depends on if you deserve one. See if you have accomplished a lot for the company and if it is more than average. Of course if you haven`t accomplished anything or if you are even doing below what is expected of you, then think again about asking for a pay raise as perhaps you really aren`t eligible for one. You need to be reasonable and only ask for what you know you deserve. Sure we all want higher pay but it has to be because you deserve it and not because you need it.

Once you have decided that you are worthy of a raise, then you must gather all the information that prove that you are worthy of one. To know how to ask for a pay rise, you must be prepared. Make a presentation of all the accomplishments you have done for the company so that the pay raise you are asking for is justified. Be sure to include specific data such as numbers and figures of your past achievements. For instance the percentage or exact figure of the revenue you have brought into the company so far. Sell yourself as this is your time to show them that you are valuable to the company. Aside from your past accomplishments, also take note of your future plans to make the company grow.

When figuring out how to ask for a pay rise, make sure you have a reasonable figure in mind. Don`t go overboard as it may take you out of negotiations completely. Research on industry average for you position, experience and location and do your basis from there. If you don`t get the whole increase you are asking for, try and negotiate for other benefits such as more vacation days or performance based bonuses. Remember that whatever you have agreed upon during the negotiation should be in writing with authorized signatures so that they cannot go against their word.

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