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How To Ask For A Pay Raise

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How to Ask for a Pay Raise

We all want more money than what we are currently making. Sometimes it just never is enough right? With the cost of goods constantly increasing and our salaries remaining the same it is no wonder why we want a pay raise. We all work hard to make a living so never be ashamed to ask for a salary increase you so rightfully deserve. Bear in mind that when asking for a raise, you just need have the courage to ask for one and the rest will follow smoothly. How to ask for a pay raise is simple, as you just need to follow some steps.

Prior to learning how to ask for a pay raise, first check if your company only allows salary increases once a year during annual reviews. If this is the case, forget about it as your chances of getting an increase out of the calendar are pretty slim. But if salary increase can be offered anytime of the year, then you can go ahead with it. Check your employee handbook though if there are company guidelines on how to ask for a pay raise. If there are, then follow their process exactly.

If your company has no policies whatsoever on how to ask for a pay raise, then you can go on with your own way by following these guidelines. Before asking for a raise, research the market pay rates for you job. It has to be the industry average for your position, experience and location. This way you will know the range of the industry salary and what you can ask for. However, if you are getting paid more then market average then it will be quite difficult for you to negotiate for a salary increase.

If you want to learn how to ask for a pay raise, you need to know how to be prepared. Once you have the amount that you want to ask for gather all the accomplishments you have done for the company so far so that you can justify the pay raise you are asking for. Prepare a presentation in detail with the specifics of your achievements including all figures. You need to show your boss that you are a valuable asset to the company. By being prepared with all your accomplishments, they can see that you deserve that raise.

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