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Getting A Raise

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Getting a Raise

With our jobs, we work hard in hopes that we will achieve something great some day. Of course, we also work because it is the only way that we can sustain ourselves. In order to spend money for our expenses we must earn the money first. So getting a raise is a huge thing for us as that extra money can go to savings and a lot more. The thing is, if you have been working years and not being offered a pay raise then it is about time you ask for a pay raise yourself. It may sound overwhelming but asking for a raise is easier then it seems, just follow these guidelines to help you.

Getting a raise is a good idea for you to get additional money, but first you need to know if you are deserving of a raise. Assess your performance so far and determine if you have been performing much better than what was expected of you or much worse. If you haven`t been working as expected or if you have been doing poorly, then it is a bad idea to ask for as raise as you probably won`t get it. Your raise will be given to you depending on if you deserve it and not because you need it. Remember nothing is free in life so you have to earn that raise you are asking for.

Once you have decided that you do deserve that raise, start researching on market pay rates for your position. This way you have an idea of the range of salary you should be aiming for and you have proof to show your boss that it is just timely for you to get a raise. However, if your current salary is above the market average, then you are probably less likely getting a raise. Keep in mind that you can`t just ask for a raise for no reason. You need to justify why you should be given that pay raise and why you are deserving of one.

In order to justify getting a raise you must gather and document all your accomplishments in the company so far. This is the time to brag about all your achievements and show them why you are valuable to the company. Also show them your future plans for the company which can support the raise you are asking for. Let them see you as an asset so you really need to sell yourself. Now, as said earlier, if you have no accomplishments or if you have been doing poorly, you probably won`t be granted that raise you are hoping for.

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