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Get A Raise

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Get a Raise

Do you want to get a raise? After working all those tireless hours and not being compensated enough doesn`t a raise sound like a good idea? Getting a raise is easy but first you should be willing to ask for a raise. Sometimes things just don`t come to you, you have to make them happen. So when it comes to asking for a salary increase you should take matters into your own hands or you might just be stuck with that same salary forever. To make it easier for you, here are some dos and don`ts when asking for a raise at work.

The first thing to get a raise is to show your worth to your bosses. Explain why you deserve the raise with your past accomplishments as well as future plans for the company. Make them understand and see that you are worth every penny and much more. Certainly you shouldn`t expect to get much of a raise if you haven`t been performing as expected or if you haven`t accomplished much for the company. A raise is usually given to those who are bringing in good business and money to the company as they are contributing to the growth.

Next to get a raise, you must be prepared. To be able to show your worth you should gather all the achievements you have done so far for the company. Best to be specific and show exact figures and numbers on how you contributed to making those increases happen. For instances show how you have increased sales or productivity and show what you plan to do to make them increase further. Don`t ever come unprepared as you will be put in a position where you have nothing to show for the raise you are asking. Being prepared will always be a counter attack for any excuse they may give.

Lastly, to get a raise, you must show your enthusiasm for the job. Enjoying what you do helps you be more productive and allows for better results. By showing them how this job means to you, they will realize that in any case they don`t agree to the raise, the only thing that will keep you away from the job is the compensation. This way they will ensure that they can give you what you ask for. Don`t ever let them know that you need the money for bills, etc. This is not going to help you get a raise in anyway possible. A raise is given in the merit of what you deserve and not because of what you need for your expenses.

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