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Effective Negotiation

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Effective Negotiation

An effective negotiation is all about both parties winning the negotiation. A negotiation is a win-win situation where both parties are left satisfied. So if you think negotiating is just about getting what you want, then the negotiation will never be an effective one. To have an effective negotiation, there are rules and guidelines that should be followed by both parties. This way it is ensured that both parties will come to an agreement that will keep them both happy and satisfied.

To have an effective negotiation, you should always keep in mind that the goal of negotiation is that everyone wins. You may think it is difficult as not everyone can have the same thinking but you can make everyone win in a negotiation by following three simple factors. To negotiate effectively, there must be clear communication with both parties. Clear communication comprises of three important skills which are speaking, listening and understanding. Using these skills will bring you on your way to a successful negotiation.

When you start negotiating, both parties need to start off by speaking their sides. Speaking involves a clear, short explanation of the problem or situation on how it is viewed by each person. This part is important and will be more effective if each person takes time to think about what they are going to say and how they are going to say it. Remember there is always a better way to say what you have to say. Say it in such a way that it doesn`t offend anyone. Stay calm and composed and show respect to the other person.

After speaking your sides, an effective negotiation also involves good listening. Both parties should listen attentively to what is being said so that they can think about any feedback or any questions they might have that will help the negotiation process go smoothly. Don`t ask any questions that are unnecessary or offensive to anyone as not to be veered away from the negotiation. Stick to the topic and situation at hand and think about how to resolve it.

Understanding is also an important part of an effective negotiation. If you understand the situation or the problem, then you can brainstorm on various solutions that can be done. After discussing the different possible solutions, both parties should come to an agreement into choosing a solution that works best for them both. Negotiation is about both parties winning so for the negotiation to be successful, both parties should come out as winners.

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