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Cost Of Living Salary Increase

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Cost of Living Salary Increase

Doesn`t it just suck when the costs of things around you just constantly continue to increase but your salary remains the same? Shouldn`t it be fair that as the price of goods increase, salaries increase as well? Well, that of course is if we live in a perfect world. It is sad to say though that we don`t and most of us end up suffering. If your salary isn`t increasing on its own, then you should do something about it to make it increase. The solution for you is to ask for a cost of living salary increase. Ask for a pay raise from your employer to help you solve your money problems, just follow these steps to getting that raise you want.

First of all, you have to determine if you are even worthy of a raise. Sure we all want a cost of living salary increase but getting an increase doesn`t depend on your expenses but more on if you are deserving of one. If you have been working above what is expected of you then you certainly qualify for a raise. However if you haven`t been performing as expecting and in fact are even performing less than expected then you shouldn`t even bother to ask for a raise because you won`t get it. Perhaps you should perform better first and wait till you have accomplished some things before asking for a cost of living salary increase.

If you are worthy of getting a cost of living salary increase and have accomplished a lot in the company, then you can go ahead and research on the market pay rates for you position, experience and location. This way you have an idea of what your salary range should be. Now if your current salary is even higher than the market pay rates than your chances of getting a salary increase is quite slim. But if your salary is below average than you have great chances to getting the salary increase that you ask for.

When asking for a cost of living salary increase, you should also be prepared. Gather all your accomplishments for the company so far and organize them. Make a presentation in detail of your specific achievements with the numbers and figures. These are important as you have to justify the salary increase you are requesting for. You have to show your boss that you deserve the raise because of what you have accomplished and what you will continue to do. Sell yourself and make them see you as an asset to the company.

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