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Cost Of Living Pay Increase

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Cost of Living Pay Increase

Going to work and making a living all stems on the cost that we need to pay to be able to survive daily with food and all other needs that we have. Of course if we didn`t have to pay for anything then we probably wouldn`t work as work might not exactly be something that we enjoy doing. The worst part about paying for the costs of our daily needs is that living expenses continue to inflate but our salary still remains the same. When this happens perhaps it is best for you to take the matter into your own hands and ask for a cost of living pay increase. If you work hard and know you deserve a pay raise, then you have nothing to be ashamed of.

Sure asking for a cost of living pay increase might not be the easiest thing to do for you. But sometimes if you want something to happen you have to get it done. There are no exact instructions on how you should ask for that raise but there are a few guidelines you can follow to make the process easier for you and perhaps lead you more to a successful result. You can choose to do your request either by writing a letter or requesting for a meeting with your boss. It is up to you on what you feel most comfortable doing.

When asking for a cost of living pay increase, have a reasonable figure in mind. Make a decision about what you think you deserve and research to see if it is within the market pay rate for your position. Better to be within the industry range as this way it will be easier for you to negotiate for that salary. Of course if your salary is already above the market pay rate, then it will be quite difficult to get that cost of living pay increase you are after.

When you justify your request for a cost of living pay increase you can`t just say that you need your money for your expenses and bills. You have to justify the salary increase with the accomplishments you have done for the company so far. You have to show them that you deserve that raise. So organize a presentation of all your accomplishments in the company to show them all the good things you have done as well as how valuable you are to the company. Sell yourself and make them see that you are an asset that should be taken cared of.

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