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Average Salary Increase

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Average Salary Increase

Most companies have yearly reviews that look into the work that employees have accomplished in the past year as well as the average salary increase that they deserve to get based on their performance. However, some probably don`t follow this system which is why many employees are stuck with years without an increase. If you are one of these people, then it is about time that you ask for a pay raise. If the pay raise isn`t coming to you, then you have to make it happen. In making your negotiations, you should also request for an average salary increase which is the right of every employee.

If your company doesn`t follow the average salary increase then you should definitely ask for a pay raise. Start off by researching on the industry average of your position, experience and location so that you know the salary range that you should be getting. Having proof of the salary you should be receiving gives you an upper- hand to asking for the salary you deserve. If your salary is below the industry average, then you have more rights to fight for your salary.

Once you have decided on an average salary increase for yourself, start gathering information on the accomplishments you have done for the company. You have to let your boss see your value to the company and that you are an asset that needs to be taken cared of. Make a presentation of all your achievements with specific details such as the amount you have increased the sales by, etc. Also state any future plans you will undertake for the benefit of the company. Your presentation should sell yourself and let them realize that you are a great value to the company.

When you have everything ready, request for a meeting to negotiate your average salary increase. Remember that this meeting will probably turn into a negotiation so you won`t end up with the amount you are originally asking for. Best to ask for a higher amount so when your boss meets you half way, it will be the amount that you desire. Continue to be pleasant during negotiations and remain in the good side of your bosses. Always be positive and show your interest in your job so that they can see that the only thing keeping you away from it is your compensation. If they see you are of value then they will keep you satisfied.

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