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Ask For A Raise

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Ask for a Raise

You probably feel that you have been working so hard on your job that you deserve something more than what you are getting. Asking for a pay raise seems to be the solution however it might be something that you find difficult to do. Sure there are no exact instructions or step by step procedures on how you should do it, but there are a couple of guides you can follow to help you get it done. Remember a pay raise won`t just happen magically, you have to do something to make it happen. So here are a few guidelines on how you can ask for a raise.

Before you ask for a raise, check your company policies on this matter. Some companies don`t usually grand pay raises unless it`s during yearly reviews. If your company is one of these, then perhaps it is best to just stick it out until your yearly employee review. If this isn`t the case, then check your employee handbook on information on how to go about asking for a pay raise. Follow their format on how it should be done, but if there are no guides whatsoever, then you can do it your own way.

When you ask for a raise, you should be prepared and have all the reasons on why you deserve to get this raise. It is a no-no to say that you want a raise because you need the money for bills, etc. You won`t get a pay raise because you need it but because you deserve it. So you have to prove to them you deserve the raise because of the accomplishments you have achieved showing your value to the company. You can prepare a presentation to show your accomplishments by showing specifics on the numbers and figures of the amount of revenue you have earned for the company, or the amount of money you`ve saved.

Other than that, also think about asking for more responsibilities to justify your pay raise. When you ask for a raise, it will look better if you are also asking for more tasks to handle. Remember you shouldn`t demand for the raise, but more of request for it. Since asking for a raise is more of a negotiation, you will have to meet half-way with your employer. So think about the amount of increase you want and make sure it is a reasonable figure with the industry average. Also better to be prepared with the industry salaries of those in the same occupation, experience and location as you.

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